The windowsill of an airplane becomes a prism, dispersing the golden light of the setting sun. Seoul, South Korea.

A plane is seen from another plane in full view of the horizon(tal plane).

Cloud 2
An ocean of clouds reminiscent of snow and ice floods the sky.

River along the Alps
Sunlight shines on a river flowing along the Alps shrouded in mist.

Snow 2
Snow has completely engulfed a hill on the side of a freeway, rendering all white. Seoul, South Korea.

Sunset is reflected on the wall of a small fishing boat. Pula, Croatia.

Getbol: Korean Tidal Flats
Sunlight reveals and illuminates the glorious veins of the Earth. Incheon, South Korea.

Cloud 1
An abstraction in the form of an orange cloud appears above a sea of clouds.

Houses of Vinyl
The visible spectrum of sunset lights is cast onto the roofs of vinyl greenhouses. Andong, South Korea.

"Bloody Red Sun of Fantastic L.A."
The light of the setting sun bathes all of Los Angeles and the horizon in blood red. Los Angeles, California, USA.
This series explores how colorful natural lights both unveil and accentuate the textures of the temporal and horizontal planes that they reside in.

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